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Choir Concert Planner – the full checklist

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My last post, "A concert promotion checklist", did include a fair number of choir concert planner actions which were not strictly about publicity. However, as a result of a couple of chats I had with visitors to my site I realised that you might find the complete choir concert planner checklist that we use in Rushmoor Male Voice Choir useful.

As my previous post contains more details about promotion-related items, you are advised to refer to both posts.

The choir concert planner 'runners and riders'

Individuals in our choir and committee will often have a specific role. Obviously in some choirs these roles may be combined under one 'head' but I thought it would be useful for you to see how we divide up the jobs in the countdown to a concert. The following roles have most to do - but, just as important, are others such as the Stage Manager (ensures we look our best when performing), Master of Ceremonies (stitches a list of songs together into an entertaining performance) and, of course, the Treasurer (pays the bills).

  •  The Committee

    Where major decisions, such as incurring cost, are taken.

  • choir concert planner - chair The Chair

    The choir's public representative - and final arbiter in disputes!

  • choir concert planner - mdMusical Director

    Chooses the music, trains us and makes sure we are brilliant!

  • Choir concert planner - concert secretaryConcert Secretary

    Plans concerts, liaises with venues and bookers, coordinates the team.

  • Choir concert planner - publicityPublicity Officer

    Responsible for Marketing and promotional activities.

  • Choir concert planner - librarianlibrarian

    Looks after the music and makes sure we all have copies.

The choir concert planner checklist

Choir Concert Planner - Committee

  • Decide on venue and date.
  • Select the Charity to benefit.
  • Propose guest artist(s).

  • Contact proposed venue and discuss facilities, requirements and contract details.

Choir Concert Planner - Committee

  • Agree & sign venue contract.
  • Set concert budget.

Choir concert planner - publicity

  • Contact selected Charity and make initial arrangements, including PR plan.
  • Identify venue publicity opportunities and copy dates.

  • Contact VIP Guests to pencil the date in diaries.

choir concert planner - md

  • Select guest artist(s) and make contact.
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