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  1. Good synopsis of a complex topic.
    What would also be useful is a detailed case study where a typical traditional choir has successfully refreshed its brand. In that context I’d include the MD as part of the mix – a change of MD might be a good trigger.
    I got as far as a Tiffany (high class luxury) colour scheme but I didn’t drive to a name that was less tied to our town (we generally perform elsewhere) and more “artistic”. That in turn should have influenced our style of music and our posters etc. But it was difficult to maintain momentum and discipline – our posters had a life of their own – and who cares anyway!

    1. Thanks for the comment Dee. I agree that it is very challenging to move on – especially when you have a faction who really don’t want to change. A good point you make about a change of MD – it does provide an opportunity for change without a loss of face to existing incumbents. I like the idea of a case study – there are a couple of male voice choirs I know who might be candidates I could reach out to. Are you suggesting your choir would be an example? If so I would be happy to talk further and write it up?

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