your choir business

Your choir business

Mark Kusionowicz Committee, Strategy Leave a Comment

I expect that your choir, like most amateur choirs in my experience, would describe yourselves solely in social or musical terms – and no way as a choir business. This …

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choir sponsorship

Choir sponsorship – a suggested approach

Mark Kusionowicz fundraising, Marketing, Strategy 8 Comments

A visitor to my website recently asked whether I had any suggestions for finding choir sponsorship. Most of my choir marketing advice in previous posts has been targeted at choir …

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choir press releases

Choir Press Releases – how to improve your chances of getting noticed

mychoir-admin Communications, Marketing, Strategy Leave a Comment

You may well want to feature local press outlets, both printed and online, as tactics in your choir marketing campaigns. This article is aimed at providing you with tips to …

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Choir Email Marketing

Why a choir email marketing list should be your top priority

Mark Kusionowicz Communications, Marketing, Strategy 2 Comments

I do get it – your ‘day job’ is not being the publicity officer for a choir! You can’t work full time on marketing your choir – so you want …

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