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Virtual Choir – practical experience and lessons learned in lockdown

Mark Kusionowicz Choristers, Concert 2 Comments

Back in March 2020 the UK went into ‘lockdown’ as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our choir sadly had to cancel all rehearsals, concerts and even social events. Being …

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concert co-marketing

You’re not alone – concert co-marketing

Mark Kusionowicz Audiences, Communications, Concert, Marketing, Social Media Leave a Comment

If your choir is anything like the one that I sing in, then you will have a regular audience that you can market to to generate concert ticket sales. You …

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concert ticket sales

Concert ticket sales – when should the panic set in?

Mark Kusionowicz Audiences, Concert 2 Comments

At the choir that I sing in, Rushmoor Male Voice Choir, we organise our own concerts twice a year. This means that we are well used to that dreaded countdown …

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Choir Concert Planner

Choir Concert Planner – the full checklist

Mark Kusionowicz Audiences, Choristers, Communications, Concert, Marketing, Musical Director, Social Media, Website Leave a Comment

My last post, “A concert promotion checklist”, did include a fair number of choir concert planner actions which were not strictly about publicity. However, as a result of a couple …

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Concert Promotion Checklist

A concert promotion checklist

Mark Kusionowicz Audiences, Communications, Concert, Marketing 2 Comments

At my choir, the Rushmoor Male Voice Choir, we are well back into the swing of things rehearsing new items for our Autumn/Winter season. It also means that our annual …

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