choir mailing list

Building your choir mailing list

Mark Kusionowicz Audiences, Choristers, Communications, GDPR Leave a Comment

In a previous post (“Why a choir email marketing list should be your top priority”) I described how a choir mailing list, with email addresses, could become one of your …

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concert co-marketing

You’re not alone – concert co-marketing

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If your choir is anything like the one that I sing in, then you will have a regular audience that you can market to to generate concert ticket sales. You …

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Choir Concert Planner

Choir Concert Planner – the full checklist

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My last post, “A concert promotion checklist”, did include a fair number of choir concert planner actions which were not strictly about publicity. However, as a result of a couple …

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Concert Promotion Checklist

A concert promotion checklist

Mark Kusionowicz Audiences, Communications, Concert, Marketing 2 Comments

At my choir, the Rushmoor Male Voice Choir, we are well back into the swing of things rehearsing new items for our Autumn/Winter season. It also means that our annual …

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Choir posters

Choir posters & flyers – production and printing guide

Mark Kusionowicz Communications, Marketing, Social Media, Website 2 Comments

Guest author Grainne Slavin provided us with her great choir posters graphical design advice in “Choir poster design – 8 tips from a professional graphic designer” which I am sure …

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GDPR for choirs

GDPR for Choirs – don’t bury your head in the sand

Mark Kusionowicz Communications, compliance, GDPR, Marketing Leave a Comment

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force on 25 May 2018 across all EU member states. And before you stop reading this thinking that it only applies …

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Poster design

Choir poster design – 8 tips from a professional graphic designer

Grainne Slavin Audiences, Communications, Marketing, Recruitment 2 Comments

Taking responsibility for the publicity for any music group is a big undertaking. Chances are you’ll need to be promoter, press officer, social media whiz, web master and graphic designer. …

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choir press releases

Choir Press Releases – how to improve your chances of getting noticed

mychoir-admin Communications, Marketing, Strategy Leave a Comment

You may well want to feature local press outlets, both printed and online, as tactics in your choir marketing campaigns. This article is aimed at providing you with tips to …

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New Musical Director

Finding a new Musical Director

Mark Kusionowicz Communications, Musical Director, Recruitment 4 Comments

I was contacted by a Male Voice Choir recently asking for advice about finding and recruiting a new Musical Director. Although this is not a normal request for the publicity …

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